About Us

Why Rojeko SMS?

Rojeko SMS is a prominent Bulk SMS Service provider in Nepal, offering mobile marketing solutions via SMS to businesses and people. It allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones practically everywhere in Nepal, regardless of whether you use NTC or Ncell as your service provider.

Rojeko SMS, Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In Nepal.

If you’re looking for the best bulk SMS service provider in Nepal, look no further than us. A few of the reasons why you should pick us are listed below.

  • Speed: You won’t have to worry about whether or not the bulk SMS you sent a long time ago reached your target recipients on time. We offer the quickest Bulk SMS Gateway in the industry, ensuring 100% delivery in a matter of seconds.
  • Simple Setup: Join our team and begin promoting right away. We don’t have any lengthy setup procedures to waste your time. Within minutes, you will have access to our interfaces and tools.
  • Finest Costs: We are the cheapest Bulk SMS Provider you can get for such high-quality Bulk SMS Services.
  • Industry Leader: We are the market leaders in Bulk SMS Services, and our only goal is to serve you better.
  • Support Services: Are you having issues? We’re only an email or phone call away from resolving any problems you’re having with our services.

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Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is used to send time-sensitive information and updates to customers about a product or service. But the story does not end there. A transactional SMS is any message that is not promotional in nature, such as firm policy modifications that may affect its customers’ relationships with it or unexpected notifications such as software breakdown.These messages are often sent in response to certain actions that you set and configure in your SMS vendor’s dashboard or API with your program.

What are the benefits of Transactional SMS for businesses?

  • SMS routes with dedicated numbers: To maintain consistent delivery rates
  • Trackable: See real-time information including delivery, open, and response rates.
  • DND numbers are reached: DND rules established by TRAI do not apply.
  •  Cost-effectiveness: Multiple communications may be sent at cheap cost during the client journey.

Promotional SMS

The purpose of a promotional SMS is to encourage new or repeat business. When you promote new bargains, offers, or discounts, it keeps your prospects and consumers informed. When employed with the correct message and frequency around significant promotional campaigns, you can expect strong engagement and response rates.

When it comes to response times, SMS messages are typically answered in 90 seconds against 90 minutes for emails. This is the greatest channel to employ for marketing teams operating campaigns that demand immediate customer action, such as soliciting pre-bookings before a consumer gadget launch.

Why do companies send promotional SMS messages?

  • Encourages prompt action: SMS notifications frequently display the complete content of the message, rather than forcing consumers to read it later.
  • High Return on Investment: SMS Marketing has the highest cost-benefit ratio of any channel for driving big sales.
  • Customizable: Use user-friendly platforms to target different messages to diverse audiences.