Why Rojeko SMS?

If you want to market your product for the least amount of money while yet getting the most exposure, a Rojeko SMS  is the way to go. SMS is one of this generation’s most common modes of communication, and as such, it has enormous marketing possibilities.

Rojeko SMS is a prominent Bulk SMS Service provider in Nepal, offering mobile marketing solutions via SMS to businesses and people. It allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones practically everywhere in Nepal, regardless of whether you use NTC or Ncell as your service provider.

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Our Features

Bulk SMS Service

Send bulk SMS in Nepal to your supporters’ devices with our convenient bulk informing systems.

Practices of Fair Pricing

You will pay less if you send more. For a customized plan, please contact our sales team.

World-class assistance

You and your team will receive 24/7 assistance via live chat, phone, tickets, email, and other methods.

Uploading in Bulk

Clients may transfer and manage their contacts on the web due to the refined online interface. Contacts can also be organized into groups for easier use during SMS campaigns.

Personalized Sender Identification

Use alphanumeric Sender ID characters to personalize your SMS. When sending a bulk SMS campaign, you can choose a suitable sender-id. Pre-approval is necessary.

Reselling under a private label

This platform allows you to utilize your own name and branding, which is ideal for re-sellers that need to operate under their own brand or website.

Exceptionally Quick Delivery

Our intelligent and redundant gateway automatically determines the lowest traffic portal and efficiently handles the line for faster message delivery.

Developer API

APIs allow our customers to integrate SMS into every element of their organization, including applications, websites, intranets, CRMs, ERPs, and software.

Scheduled Text Messages

Messages can be scheduled for delivery at any time in the future using the Web interface. This element is excellent for a variety of occasions, including birthdays and ceremonies.

Guaranteed best-in-class delivery.

Thousands of businesses use our bulk SMS gateway to send OTPs and other business-critical messages.

  • Intelligent, fine-tuned SMS gateway routing technology.
  • Robust and scalable infrastructure with inbuilt redundancy.
  • Direct connectivity with multiple telecom operators.

128-bit data encryption and rigorous data privacy regulations provide enterprise-grade security.

Customer service that is dedicated to providing experienced assistance with everything from easy advice to complex installations.

Clear, honest pricing with zero hidden charges. Pay as you go with zero commitments. See bulk SMS pricing.


What do we do?

We offer you service SMS, promotional SMS, or transactional SMS.

Whether you’re looking for bulk SMS marketing or consumer interaction, choose the SMS category that best fits your needs.

Service SMS

Implicit and explicit SMS are two types of service SMS. Service Implicit can only be used to deliver SMS to your registered users, such as OTPs and alerts, but Service Explicit may be used to send promotional messages to current clients after they have given their approval.

Transactional SMS

Order and booking notifications, as well as instructive messages, are sent to registered consumers via transactional SMS and are not intended for commercial use. They are sent to all receivers, regardless of their DND status, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Promotional SMS

Marketing and sales communications are sent using promotional SMS. They are only sent to opt-in and non-DND phone numbers. Send promotional SMS between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. The network operator assigns a random 6-character Sender ID to promotional communications.