Bulk SMS / Voice Message

Bulk SMS
Bulk SMS sends messages to several telecommunications operator networks at the same time and at the same cost, regardless of location. It is the most effective offline marketing method, and it may generate more consumers with minimum expenditure. Every mobile phone supports mass texting, and no additional software are required. Mass SMS is the most efficient and cost-effective way for any business to stay in touch with their customers.

Bulk SMS is the transmission of a large quantity of SMS messages to mobile phone terminals in one go. It’s frequently used for notifications, reminders, marketing, as well as information and communication among stakeholders. For a number of uses, including entertainment, enterprise, and mobile marketing, it is advantageous to media corporations, businesses, banks (for marketing and fraud management), and consumer brands. When compared to other marketing methods, bulk SMS has greater open and interaction rates. It enables your company to communicate with a big number of customers in a split second.

Voice SMS

Voice SMS are employed as an efficient marketing technique these days since they bring business. More people will come if the message is delivered in the local language. Outbound dialers are thus the best option for all of your company demands. Our voice SMS solutions are made to make communication more personal and efficient.

Bulk SMS Gateway gives you phone numbers to contact to get your messages recorded in your own voice. You may also upload a video or text that will be converted to speech automatically. These messages may be sent to groups or individuals promptly using automated phone calls.

Bulk SMS Gateway is the ideal service provider for your firm because of its transparent pricing, API integration solutions, boundary-free functioning, hassle-free operations, seamless communication, voice translation facilities, clarity, and various Voice SMS solutions.