SMS Gateway Api

What is SMS Gateway API ?

An SMS Gateway allows a computer to transmit and receive SMS text messages via a worldwide telecommunications network to and from an SMS enabled device (normally to a mobile phone). The SMS Gateway converts the message supplied and makes it network-compatible so that it may be sent to the intended receiver. Even inside the context of your app, our SMS API allows you to establish client journeys through chats. With our REST API, you can easily add SMS support to your website, application, or CRM platform. We provide detailed documentation with code samples that is easy to find. Our API accepts Unicode and lengthy messages, and different web hooks may be used to design and adapt any workflow. Our APIs are based on our API team’s

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extensive knowledge gained over many years. We use both cutting-edge and tried-and-true technology. We ensure that all supported nations receive the best and most stable traffic delivery possible. All APIs are extensively documented and are constantly being improved. We do this to ensure that your message-based services.