SMS ShortCode

What is a SMS short code?

An SMS short code is a five- or six-digit number that enables a company to send more text messages to its clients in a shorter amount of time. When the consumer receives the SMS, the short code will appear as the “from” number, similar to how a lengthy, 10-digit number would appear if a friend or family member contacted them directly.

A man and a woman sending text messages to one another, and there is a cellphone in the middle of them with text messages showing.

Why use a SMS short code?

Compared to a regular 10-digit number or 10-digit long code (10DLC), SMS short codes provide various advantages:

  • Short codes are easy to remember. They may be used in a variety of ways, including internet, print, radio, and other offline advertising platforms. You may also quickly design new keywords to see which marketing channels are effective and which are not.
  • They’re clearly a business phone number. When someone receives a message from a short code, they know it is from a company or organization and not from a friend.
  • Users may search up short numbers in an SMS short code directory, which can offer your text marketing more authority.
  • Short code text messages are substantially faster than regular 10-digit phone numbers in terms of delivery. It has the ability to send 100 messages per second. A text campaign for 10,000 individuals would take just over four minutes to send. The extra speed of short codes is critical if you’re hosting a flash sale or limited-time promotion.
  • Short codes can only be used to send and receive text messages; they cannot be used to make phone calls.